What’s In a Name? – For Your Products, It Can Mean A lot – Here are a Few Rules to Make it Easier to Name Your Brand Products

Naming a Product
  1. What you Do… plus abstract – Incorporate what the brand does, add an abstract to the name.   Example:  JetBlue.  Jet for jet flights, blue abstract word (happens to be what jets fly in).   Unique names are easiest to create with this process.  Also reduces the chances of similar names in the market.
  • Don’t use a placeholder name. – People will fall in love with it. Find the name, use that name and that’s it. Don’t listen to friends and neighbors and colleagues tell you about a name. We had a placeholder name, I had to change it and everyone hated the new name. For weeks!

  • “Say what you do rule on word 1” – Include what the company does in the first or second word.  (See Naming Rule 1).  Ie, for labor marketplace, …scheduling, etc.

  • Company Vision – Create a name that prevents getting locked out of new markets – If its scheduling today and time tracking tomorrow, the name should be centered around the theme of what the companies vision is long term to prevent going through the entire exercise and branding exercise again. 

  • Products Can Have Different Names than Company Names or Platforms – Just because the company is called X, doesn’t mean a series of products under a platform (with an entirely different name) can’t have a separate name for each product.  So while trying to adhere to rule 4, don’t waste time or beat yourself up trying to find the perfect well rounded name that will cover all products.  Your “platform” name can cover that.    At SalesLogix we had eSupport, eSales, eLeadGeneration, etc.  all under the SalesLogix eSuite.

  • Use Tools to Get the Wheels Turning –  Online tools like Googles keyword planner and online word generators create great insight to popular search terms that help get the idea train moving and as an added bonus shed light on what your audience may be searching for to dial you in to what is top of mind in the “what you do” category.

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