Why Apple Maps is SO Important to your business!

I’ve been a Google Maps user for years. A lot of us use Google Maps, and most of us as local businesses optimize our business primarily for Google. But Apple Maps is now massively important in 2019.

Apple Maps Must Have in 2019


On iOS devices (iPhones and iPads), Apple Maps is the default maps app, not Google. That’s important because three out of four users of iOS devices actually use Apple Maps, not Google Maps. So it’s critical you claim and optimize your Apple Maps listing.

Do a quick search in Apple Maps … maybe for a dry cleaner. You’ll find some local dry cleaners, but all of the listings are drawn from Apple Maps, not Google.

Do a Siri search for “Salons near me” for example, and you’ll see a similar list of results. In voice search on iOS devices, or any Siri devices for that matter, all the results from local businesses come from Apple Maps.

You’re going to need an Apple ID, so if you don’t have one already you’ll need to create one. You can then follow the steps on-screen to claim or add your business.

Once you’ve claimed your business and signed in, you’ll see all the listings you have associated with your Apple ID account. Apple Maps isn’t as good as Google in that you can’t have multiple admins, but I’m sure they’ll develop that over time. You can, however, have multiple businesses associated with a single Apple ID.

Editing Your Apple Maps Listing Information

Once you get into your listing, there are only a few options that you have. Within the listing, you can edit your basic business information, name, the phone number, business category, and whether you accept Apple Pay. The business address and map location can also be edited.

While you can set your business hours, there are no special or holiday business hours like you get on Google or on Yelp. You may also include other links related to your business: for example, your website, Facebook, Yelp, Twitter profiles. You’ll notice there are no reviews here. Apple Maps actually uses Yelp or TripAdvisor reviews.

Once you add your information, confirm your ownership of the listing, and the listing is reviewed and approved, your business will now appear on Apple Maps the way that you want it.

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